Which Blood Orange grows best in Sout. Calif?

Answer MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUEMoroTaroccoSanguinelliWhy? no big tech hype here, matter of personal taste.the moro has more overtones of raspberriestarocco leans more to strawberriesSanguinelli I c... Read More »

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What type of orange tree grows the fastest?

Navel orange trees are the fastest growing, maturing in as little as two or three years, while the average maturity time for most orange trees is seven to eight years.References:Navel Oranges

What tree grows orange bell flowers in Canada?

According to, the Mock Orange shrub has orange, fragrant flowers that are bell shaped and appear in the Spring. This shrub grows to about ten feet, is common in the United States and ca... Read More »

I cut my finger and my blood is orange!!?

Big blue trees all over the hillsides all over sout cal area in bloom now. What are they Where?

STOP! LADY, you DO NOT want that tree. If you never took anybody advise before, you'll be glad you took mine. That tree is a living nightmare that haunts every yard you see it in. just like you... Read More »