Which Birds Eat Garden Plants?

Answer Birds are a gardener's allies, taking great bites out of the worm population and reducing insect crop damage. Although a few bird species become pests themselves by stripping your garden crops, mos... Read More »

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Which is your favourite of the birds that visit your garden?

Cardinals are beautiful,Blue jays are beautiful but very unfriendly-you can't go in the garden if they are there with their young because they attack you! I once saw a Bluebird-the only one I ever ... Read More »

What is the name of a plant related to the amaryllis several species of which are grown as garden or pot plants for their bright flowers?

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden?

A green finch at a garden feeder filled with sunflower seeds"A garden without birds is like a day without sunshine," so the saying goes. This is undoubtedly true for many people. Birds are funny, i... Read More »

How to Use a Concrete Garden Bench in a Garden to Set Plants On?

Using a concrete garden bench to hold plants is a great way to make a functional portion of a garden beautiful and decorative. Concrete garden benches are great for holding planters as part of a co... Read More »