Which Birds Eat Garden Plants?

Answer Birds are a gardener's allies, taking great bites out of the worm population and reducing insect crop damage. Although a few bird species become pests themselves by stripping your garden crops, mos... Read More »

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What birds if any , do you often see in your garden?

We have a wildlife habitat so we are very fortunate to have all sorts of creatures including our flying friends and their mates as well as their offspring. We love this time of year because we see... Read More »

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden?

A green finch at a garden feeder filled with sunflower seeds"A garden without birds is like a day without sunshine," so the saying goes. This is undoubtedly true for many people. Birds are funny, i... Read More »

How can i atract more birds to come to my garden?

By following these simple hints and tips you can turn your garden into a haven for birds: Where to position bird tables and feedersThe two things you should bear in mind when positioning your bird ... Read More »

How to Attract Birds Into Your Garden?

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