Which Beats by Dr. Dre are wireles?

Answer Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless are the wireless Beats by Dr. Dre, below is a link to them.

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Wifi and wireles same or different?

All Wi-Fi is wireless - that is its definition and part of its specification.Although Wi-Fi is most often used in conjunction with the internet, it is not required to have Wi-Fi.Not all wireless is... Read More »

Which headphones are better for bass beats pros or beats studios?

What is the difference between monster beats and regular beats?

Monster beats are loud and scary. The thumping sounds like big heavy feet chasing after you. Regular beats are more like tappity tap tap tappin'!

How are they legally allowed to say this on Beats website about Beats Pro?

PURELY marketing NONSENSE that is. Just to mislead people who do NOT know much enough about basic audio issues nor QUALITY issues.