Which Anti-virus and Internet Security best for Vista or Xp (2010)?

Answer OK, This is where you need to go.…The reviews here are unbiased. Matt doesn't get paid like a lot of places do. He does reviews on all types of AV's. He p... Read More »

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How to remove 'Vista Internet Security 2010' VIRUS?

I removed this from my daughter's Vista laptop last night. It's very pernicious. It wouldn't allow opening windows defender or going onto the internet to get anti-malware downloads. Avira did no... Read More »

How can i fix my Norton anti-virus 2010 and McAfee 2010 if i don't have internet connection?

You Can Go to Cafe Or Cyber And Download Manual Update :-Norton anti-virus 2010But if you need to install the updates on multiple computers, a computer without an internet connection or a slow inte... Read More »

In your opinion what is the best anti virus/internet security software available?

i advise you to use kaspersky internet security version and for more information go to

Please suggest me a good anti virus for internet security?

There is no one BEST program for everyone and no single program can protect against all infections! Each person's individual computer usage is completely different. Some folks download illegal pr... Read More »