Which Anti-Virus/Firewall/Anti-Spywa…?

Answer When you ask "Which one do you like the best", you are asking for People's biased opinion. And that's exactly what people are telling you.If you want an unbiased rating of Anti-malware read the re... Read More »

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Which anti virus is best Norotn Anti Virus, McaFee, or Avast!?

I would say none of those. Go with AVG Antivirus. Works great and it's totally free.

Which anti virus do you use and why?

I test Av's and Beta test Avast 5. Avast IS the best anti virus and you should keep it. I have tested Avg Free and Avg Anti virus premium (I don't test suites as most suite firewalls SUCK) They are... Read More »

Which Anti virus is Best ?

Kaspersky is your best choice. AVG is good but still Kaspersky is rated as the best around with the constant development and invasion of viruses, worms and trojans... Install it and you can be at r... Read More »

Which PC anti-virus is the best?

----Description----If you're willing to pay for an anti-virus after the 30 day trial, it would be Kaspersky.If you aren't willing to pay for an anti-virus, it would be Avira or Avast depending on y... Read More »