Which American brewery was the first to market beer in a bottle?

Answer Though beer had been bottled before, Adolphus Busch of the Anheuser Brewery was the first person to bottle beer for mass shipping and marketing in 1873. Canned beer was not introduced until nearly ... Read More »

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Which brewery produces the Kaiser as their Oktoberfest beer?

The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest lager is brewed every August by Avery Brewing in Boulder, Colo., as part of their Dictator series. In 2009 the Kaiser received the gold medal for German-style doppel... Read More »

Which American beer is called the fire-brewed beer?

Stroh's beer is called the fire-brewed beer. Bernhard Stroh, Jr., son of the founder, introduced the fire-brewing method from Europe at the family's brewery in Detroit. The family branched out and ... Read More »

Which american city has the great american beer festival?

The Great American Beer Festival, or GABF, is held in Denver, Colorado, every year. The festival began in Boulder in 1982 and moved to Denver in 1984. It moved to its current home, the Colorado Con... Read More »

Which is the best quality, easiest to drink, BEER with the least bitter aftertaste, currently on the market?

I don't drink beer anymore, but I gained weight and relished Belgium beers. Adding cheese along with the beer is sure to put weight on. Belgium style beer has no hop to it. Smooth and a tad swe... Read More »