Which African Grey is best?

Answer On One Hand: The Timneh Grey is SmallerThe Timneh Grey is smaller than the more well known Congo Grey. The Timneh has darker gray coloring and a maroon, rather than red, tail. They are playful and ... Read More »

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Are an African Grey and a grey macaw different?

African Grey parrots and macaws are different. There are only two types of African Grey parrots: the larger parrot Congo and the smaller parrot Timneh. Macaws do not share the same voice as the Afr... Read More »

What do African grey hornbills eat?

The African grey hornbill, found in southern Africa, feeds on bird eggs, rodents, frogs and insects such as butterflies, ants and locusts. The bird also eats small fruits and seeds.References:Birds... Read More »

Is it possible for an African Grey to be white?

The African Grey is a medium-sized parrot named for its plumage, which typically ranges from light silver to dark gray depending on the subspecies. However, color mutations can result in parrots th... Read More »

What do African grey congos eat?

Although African Grey parrots can glean the nutrition they need from pelleted food, the birds prefer and benefit from a more natural and varied diet. This includes grains, fresh fruits, raw or cook... Read More »