Which Adobe software should I use for logos?

Answer as you want logo design ,you need to get illustrator.and photoshop is mainly used for photo editing.again,after effect is for video editing.okay.stay well

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What Adobe Software Should I Get?

Adobe product are high priced software, I suggest you to opt for open sourceGet GIMP, it is almost identical to Photoshop but hey it is completely FREE it helps :)

My printer saying that you don't have software to print.which software should i download?

Insert the installation CD for the printer into the PC or go to the manufacturers web site and download the installation program for your printer model.

How to Create Spherical Logos in Adobe Illustrator?

Projecting text (or other media) onto the surface of a sphere is a graphic design technique that's used a lot in advertising, in making billboard displays and in designing flyers. Some clients migh... Read More »

What software do people use to design business logos?

There is not a standard. Every artist has their own preference.