Which 3000 lumen projector uses the cheapest bulb?

Answer According to Focused Technology, the Hitachi CP-WX410 3000 Lumen Projector has the cheapest replacement lamp bulbs. The prices for these lamp bulbs start at $210 but can go as high as $550 dependin... Read More »

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Can any 3000 lumen LED ultra short throw projector run off 4 car batteries?

That will pull around 400w so get yourself at least a 400w 12v inverter and run it from your battery or batteries(banked in parallel) 1 will do it but how long it will last?? Read More »

What is the comparison lumen output in a 10w halogen bulb vs 60w incandescent?

There's a range of products in each category and incandescent lumen output degrades more quickly than halogens due to typically short lamp life. Try this for a start."14-17.5 lumens per watt for st... Read More »

Where can i find my replacement bulb for my projector fujix p701 bulb p/n is L130WU?

Home depot, or lowes probably has one, but if not, check online.

What is the CHEAPEST working projector.?

Well if your not connecting it without hdmi , the wonderwall , but if you want hdmi it gonna cost you about 300