Which 1 is better BOSE or BOSTON ACOUSTIC?

Answer BOSE! Personally that's what I like. I like the sound it produces and it seems more natural but the most important factor is what sound you like. Various factors and different kinds of music will u... Read More »

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What Better Bose Wave music system or the Bose Acoustic Wave music systems as a a hifi system?

Seriously this isn't a cheap shot... Bose doesn't make hifi systems. I'm not hating on Bose, I'm just saying they're a lifestyle system. It's more about style then sound with them. To be honest,... Read More »

Which is better to start with, Acoustic or Electric!!?

well for me personally, I started with an acoustic and then got my first electric the following year. I stuck with the acoustic for many years though..I found the electric to be quite confusing a... Read More »

Bose or senheiser which is better?

At what price range and what type? Better, how?There are many types of headphones and Sennheiser and Bose make some in different categories and some in the same. Which is "the best" -- against def... Read More »

Which one is better in loudspeakers, BOSE or JBL?

between the two JBL has a better performance to price ratio than Bose hands down. If Bose was 10% of what they ask for I would then say they were a good value, not before. I think you need to liste... Read More »