Whic one comes first Egg or Chicken?

Answer Final and scientifically agreed answer, thanks to some scientists with too much time on their handsExtract from the Guardian:"Whether the panel solved that debate is not clear, but they were unanim... Read More »

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Which came first, the chicken or the chicken egg and why?

the chicken... God created a fully running ecosystem with the whole nine yards... including full grown chickens*edit*I am so tickled that you think creation happened without God. that makes as much... Read More »

Whic is better, Mac or Pc?

PC ! Without a doubt. More software, more parts, more customization lower price, and most of all. more operating systems.

Which comes first for you !!!?

Which comes first; MB,KB, or GB?

All data on a computer is represented in binary with the smallest base unit called a bit. Bits can be 0s or 1s and nothing else. A byte is a group of bits with a length of 8, looking similar to t... Read More »