Whether smashed potato is a regular food item of your meal?

Answer No, I don't because it has high glycemic index so, I include it once in a week and moderate.

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What's a regular food item you haven't had to eat in a long long while.?

Stew, I'm going to make a pot of it today for tomorrows dinner, I can't wait to taste it. Stew always tastes nicer the next day..

Your house is burning. You only have time to take one item of clothing, one food item and anything else.?

i would take a dress, my bag (which has makeup, all of my pics, etc...) and cheerios .!

Japanese sweet potato vs regular sweet potato with orange flesh?

According to an article on, Japanese sweet potatoes and "American" sweet potatoes are similar, with Japanese sweet potatoes tasting sweeter. I found several articles that talk about... Read More »

What can I add to this meal Thin steaks, sweetcorn, mash potato and picco de gallo?

Some garlic cheese bread/toast sounds tasty!