Wheres your favorite place in Maine to get lobster?

Answer there is a place just north of kennebunkport that we go to every year on opening day. and the rest of the year.we recently found a place in portland that will steam them for a quarter. i think we... Read More »

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What is the difference between rock lobster&maine lobster?

While Maine lobsters and rock lobsters (also known as spiny lobsters) are both edible, sea-dwelling crustaceans, the two species are different when it comes to their appearance and the type of wate... Read More »

Where is the best place to get a good lobster meal in NJ or NYC besides Red Lobster?

I don't know much about New Jersey, but I can offer you some advice about NYC.I recommend Ed's Lobster Bar in SoHo (222 Lafayette Street). The place has a New England vibe, very different from wha... Read More »

How to Buy a Maine Lobster?

To many people, the ultimate special occasion meal is lobster. You may want to buy your own lobster for a special meal at home. This article will help you buy a fresh Maine lobster in a seafood mar... Read More »

When is the lobster fest in Maine?

The Maine Lobster Festival has traditionally been held during the first full weekend of August in the coastal town of Rockland, Maine. The festival, which was first held in 1947, is five days long ... Read More »