Where's the unusual names page?

Answer…Scroll down to the 'Names' section.

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What would you name 10 children with these unusual names?

1. ♂ Finch Elysium2. ♀ Tansy Fable3. ♀ Jane Moxie4. ♂ Texas Red5. ♂ Cassatt Moss6. ♀ Nona Sprite7. ♂ Cygnus Eldridge8. ♀ Hero Noon9. ♂ Biff Gatsby10. ♂ Maverick FletcherFinch, T... Read More »

Unusual baby names?

Fruit names are passe - if you want to be really *unique* and *special* you'll need vegetable names - how about Savoy Cabbage, Cavolo Nero, Purple Teepee, or Moneymaker (the last is a tomato, but m... Read More »

Names of 5 unusual plants?

Why people like unusual, modern names for their babies?

It's the influence of change, life and higher consciousness. When people have more words to use and more imagination, then more funky names come to the forefront. Of couse it could be just the op... Read More »