Wheres some good places to apply for scholarships?

Answer http://www.FreeSchoIarshipGuide.comhttp://www.SimpIeTuition.comhttp://www.SchoIarshipExperts.com

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What are some good scholarships to apply for?

Almost every Jr. College and nearly all universities have a scholarship office. Some scholarships are unique to the school. Find out what the office is called that tracks the scholarships and see ... Read More »

Are there any good sites that i could apply for scholarships and actually get them?

If you didn't suck as a student you'd be eligible for plenty of scholarships, but since you don't then you need to get a job.

What are some good places to apply for summer jobs this year in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley?

Here are hundreds of positions for you.…

Wheres a good place to get a car?

check the local papers. this is where i found my deal. craigslist tends to be a ripoff unless you haggle. stay away from dealers unless they are small family owned places. put an ad in the paper/cr... Read More »