Where's a good restaurant for a bunch of teenagers to go to?

Answer oh yea! this is a good place to find teenagers at, ......goood food resturants, oh yes.......*chili's*the waffle house*red lobster*pizza hut*champs every now and then*any good place where there mig... Read More »

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Wheres a good place to get a car?

check the local papers. this is where i found my deal. craigslist tends to be a ripoff unless you haggle. stay away from dealers unless they are small family owned places. put an ad in the paper/cr... Read More »

Wheres a good place to go for a first date?

Honestly I think you should start out with coffee, like a Starbucks morning. This way if things don't end up to good, then you haven't lost too much. Besides this is less pressure on both ends. If ... Read More »

Wheres a good website to watch twlight ? but i suggest watching t in the different parts. the full version is blurry

Wheres some good places to apply for scholarships?