Where/how do I remove my picture from my printer/scanner I don't know where it is!?

Answer Look under the tray where you originally placed the picture to scan. There's a small space under there where the documents come out at when they're done scanning.If not there, open the scanner cove... Read More »

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I got a picture of a hat tattooed on my arm, I dont like it can I get it painted over with skin colour ink?

Why on earth didn't you get it tattooed on your @zz?Then you would have been a real asshat!

I dont have a scanner n wud like to scan small picture n make them big. what scan can i buy?

u can dfntly go for a hp scanner.. or u can go for a hp all in one.. so dat u can print scan all at the same time! n u can trst a hp tech on ths! as m one!

Why dont we remove the appendix at a particular age before the infection?

this used to be a common practice but it was dropped because it is often unnecessary. it costs money, takes time to heal, and is not often needed.

HELP!!, I have a light bulb that broke at the base, How can I remove it its stuck..and I dont know what to do?

Turn the light off,Cut a potato in halfjam the half potato, cut side towards the glass,once potato grabs on, turn out the bulb.