Where/How in New Delhi I can get Milk tetra pack of Sanitarium - Up & Go ?

Answer u cn try out specific indian local shops. they might sell milk but in a packt version. sme cmes in a tin version

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I need to set up dairy and line to produce cow milk in one liter bottle or tetra pack?

Go ahead with the project.It will be a costly affair if you go for tetra packing.However you can do packaging the pasteurized milk in food grade plastic bags using form fill and sealing machine.

If you buy a product in Holland, say a 500 ml. pack of Milk, it shows 500 ml e on the pack. What is that e for?

The e-mark, which is not the letter "e" but very much alike indicates that the amount of prepackaged to meet the European Directive 1976/211/EEG. This directive indicates that 1) the average of the... Read More »

You are travelling by a night train with ticket from Pratapgarh to New Delhi . You sleep and Delhi has past go?

You get off the train and buy a new ticket and go back. It is doubtful you will miss your stop.If you do . YOU DO NOT GET A FREE RIDE BACK.

Can I freeze milk for my little brother and use it as an ice pack?

Yes you can.If you need a freeze pack immediately you will not have the time so use a bag of veggies or something that is already frozen.Chetak