Where you find travel insurance in cebu accredited in schengen group in manila.?

Answer Yes. He can place whatever reasonable restrictions he chooses. It is likely that he wants you to have renter insurance to protect against you doing something that causes a problem for other renters... Read More »

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How do you find a common interest group to join that offers group health insurance?

Answer It's illegal to join a group only/primarily just for health insurance. Sure there are Alumni Groups that may offer it... but the pricing reflects who in the group is actually buying it. Ch... Read More »

Do you need travel insurance for my group?

No there are not any buses on publish holidays except LOOP and 8 Canterbury but you need to get it from Westwood Cross!!! I went in Cecil Square to take a bus to go to Westwood Cross by the 34!! Bu... Read More »

Does a Swaziland national need a visa to travel to Schengen?

All nationals of Swaziland will need a visa to enter the Schengen zone, which comprises much of the European Union. The visa application can be completed with the embassy of any country within the ... Read More »

Hi i am aupair here in oslo:can i travel in switzerland with a schengen visa?

No worries, my dear - of course you can come to Switzerland and travel in Willy Tell's own country as much as you like. Switzerland is a member of the Schengen states group!Just to remember, here i... Read More »