Where you can seek help to support your baby from the government?

Answer government help for child You can go to your local social services office for food stamps and a work first check to help ends meet.Be aware with the work first they will set you up with job intervi... Read More »

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Does Nebraska seek back child support if you add the father's name to the birth certificate?

Paternity must be established before a Nebraska court will order child support. If past financial records show him capable, the father may be liable for back child support as well. If the mother se... Read More »

Should you worry or seek medical advice if you have not felt any movement from the baby within the 20th week of pregnancy?

pregnancy movement Yes, you should seek a doctor if you have not felt the baby kick or just not felt any kind of movement.I bet you will feel a kick any day now 20 weeks is usually when you feel th... Read More »

Why does the Australian government support and help out Aboriginal people so much?

*They receive public housing 16 times faster than whites on average*Uni/Tafe is COMPLETELY free whilst whites have to fork over tens of thousands - free transport, free books, free courses, free tu... Read More »

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