Where you can found a remote control?

Answer I dunno lol ¯\(°_o)/¯

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What's the strangest place you've ever found a lost remote control?

this is the truth i found it in the fridge, if i had a brain i would be dangerous

Where can you go on the internet to find the control codes for a 1056bo1 universal remote control?

Since there are hundreds of codes for many models I have listed the link below in the link section which is right below this answer box.

Where can you get a remote that works for any remote control car?

RC cars are controlled by controllers of a designated frequency of radio waves. To control a RC car, you must have a controller that the RC car has a paired frequency with. A universal RC controlle... Read More »

You have no remote control for proline dfv12 freeview stb how can you find code number using fairly old black diamond universal remote control?