Where would you like to live if you could In the virgin forest or in a desert island?

Answer In the virgin forest ......I love the jungle....very

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How many years of seasonal rain for a desert to become a grass land or forest?

Usually major climate changes like that require tens of thousands of years to occur, and the grass or forest slowly creeps in from the surroundings, as conditions become more favorable. Of cours... Read More »

If you were trapped alone on a desert island...?

Sure. It tastes like grass. When my father was starving in the war, grass is what he and his comrades were obliged to eat. We do what we must if we want to survive. Cute question, though.

How to Survive on a Desert Island?

A desert island may sound inhospitable, but with the proper knowledge, anyone can survive on one.

Who got washed up on a desert island in"Cast Away"?

In the film "Cast Away," Chuck Noland, an executive for Federal Express, washes up on a desert island following a plane crash. Tom Hanks portrayed the character of Chuck in the 2000 film directed b... Read More »