Where would you get a cheap ipod nano from?

Answer If you don't mind a used one, go to ebay. You can also go to amazons website or look on craigslist or of course there is alway walmart. And remember is a store like best buy has it cheaper than wal... Read More »

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Where can i find a cheap ipod nano?

Have you looked on amazon? They have some really good deals on Ipods, both new and used. Here is a link for an ipod nano…

Im debating on whether to get an ipod nano or an iPod touch. Which would be better to get?

Both are awesome and both work great but you need to find out what are features you are looking for. If you think most of the time you wont be within Wi-Fi area then dont get Touch get NanoIf you t... Read More »

Where can I order a cheap iPod from?

How do you take song from an iPod shuffle and move them to an iPod nano?

Answer You would have to put the song on itunes. then you can put it on your ipod.Super easy way to get your hands on your ipod songs:open my computer, file e: (when ipod is plugged in), go up to T... Read More »