Where would you find sources for the short story The Adopted Son?

Answer Maybe, it depends upon the amount rendered by the government agency and by the obligated parent versus the needs of the children.However, said parent must be the legal adopting parent of the child/... Read More »

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Where would you find a short 1-2 minute french monologue?

There are some nice short monologues in the French book 'Le Petite Prince'. English editions are in Libraries and most likely web pages of the text in french. Look to the writings of the impression... Read More »

Is there a common theme in the short story The Necklace and the short story The Most Dangerous Game?

No, one deals with a social-climbing stunt- a wealthy woman loans a valuable prop ( or what is assumed to be) to a middle-class woman to wear to a party- the item is mysteriously lost.. then the le... Read More »

How to Find a Theme for Your Short Story?

Writing down possible ideas!Writer's block can be a real pain. Here are some easy steps to finding interesting ideas to write about.

If a woman tried to find her adopted son in 1989 where would she have registered I mean she registered with adoption agencies in 1989 and passed 1 yr later I need this info so i can look now?

The state that she surrendered her adoption in, would be the first place to look. Good luck getting this information if you're not her son, or an immediate relative. YOu said that she passed, so i'... Read More »