Where would you find grants for a Florida Home Owners Association?

Answer Although your association may be a valid Florida non-profit corporation, grants are not generally a source of income. Association income is based on assessments paid by owners.

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Can the home owners association foreclose on a home for not paying the fees in the state of Florida?

Yes. Read your governing documents to understand when and why the association might be forced to take this final step.

Can a home owners association foreclose on a home in Florida without informing the mortgage company?

Foreclosure is a legal process whereby all interested parties are included, or the foreclosure procedure cannot be completed. If you believe that your association is foreclosing on your title, and ... Read More »

Can a Florida home owners association cut down trees on a private lot?

Regardless of the location, a home owners association -- as a legal entity -- is a property owner with the same rights as other property owners in the locale. No more, no less.In most states, when ... Read More »

What is the difference between a property owners association and a home owners association?

There really is no difference, except for the styling of the name. Both organizations operate through covenants and bylaws recorded against a group of properties with the goal of making said proper... Read More »