Where would you find caliber size on a howard arms secret service special with 3 inch barrel?

Answer Although the Secret Service is widely known for presidential security, they are under the direction of the Treasury department and have duties for maintaining security there.

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Who made secret service special 32 caliber 3 barrel 5 shot pistol?

In possesion of a 38 secret service special revolver 3 barrel serial number is 25091 made by Stevens Arms for Sears Roebuck can you give any info?

Military service always helps, but usually is NOT a requirement.

What is the value of a 32 Smith Wesson Secret Service Special serial nbr 262000 3 inch barrel 5 shot firing pin is triangular at the top of the hammer cylinder spins freely?

Clint Eastwood plays a Secret Service agent in the movie "In the Line of Fire".

Secret service special may 22 1917 32 caliber?

No relation to the real Secret Service- low $$$ handguns, most made by Iver Johnson for a reseller.