Where would the world be without wikipedia?

Answer Yahoo! Answers users will have no place to cite their sources from.

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Would Wikipedia be better if it was add based It's one of the top 4 websites in the world yet it has?

It has been a long running discussion within the Wikipedia community. The current view is that Wikipedia is better without advertisements. The discussion continues.

Why would you ask a question in Yahoo! Answers without first looking in Wikipedia?

I'd ask a question here if i wanted opinions. I'd surf the net or ask an expert if i wanted fact.

How would this world be without plant.?

What would the world be like without the internet ?

i don't know. people never really started using the internet until the early 90's. it was ok in the 80s so its not like we'd be living in the dark ages. im sure if the internet was never made, not ... Read More »