Where would be the best place to look for an lcd tv for sale?

Answer In my opinion, Best Buy and Micro Electronics are two of the best places to find lcd tv's for sale. They offer a diversity of brands at good prices, and operate stores where you can actually go in ... Read More »

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I want to sale 230 years old binoculars item online.. which is the best place?

eBay is of course is going to be the cheapest. Otherwise your will have a large commission to pay.Auctioneer's contact people they think will be interested-you pay for this type service-big time!

How do i get my house clean/tidy when the whole place is like a jumble sale i don't know where to begin?

go to the shops - buy lots of bin bags.dump everything you do not need.then clean.if you keep it tidy - it is easy to do.

Existing mini mart near us for sale. It is currently closed and for sale or lease. what do I need to know?

You need to know why it closed. Don't take the initial answer they give you as the real answer, chances are they were struggling. Now that doesn't mean you will, but you do need to know how it wa... Read More »

How is the modern sale of swine flu differ from its sale in 1975-76?

Wow!I didn't know that.I can't see any difference.