Where would be the best place to look for an lcd tv for sale?

Answer In my opinion, Best Buy and Micro Electronics are two of the best places to find lcd tv's for sale. They offer a diversity of brands at good prices, and operate stores where you can actually go in ... Read More »

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What's a good place to get a waldo tattoo where no one would ever think to look?

it would be wierd to see a tattoo on like your finger pads....or on the ball of your foot...idk anything about tattoos so i dont really know! hmmm waldos funny though id play that with you lol

Where is the best place to look for scholarships for college. I want to avoid loans 100% :(?

There are tons of scholarships that go unclaimed each year. Many $400, $500 or $1000 scholarships never even get applied for because people think it's chump change and not worth applying for. Well,... Read More »

Where would be the best place to find/buy home theater systems?

Well the best place is your local independent high end audio video stores, they carry the better lines of equipment and speakers, and the salesmen at these stores generally have many years experien... Read More »

Poll. Where would be the best place to showcase my sweet Poppy's♥♥♥?

Hi My Dear Friend, I am with The Captain what other way would you show Me Off But On My Sweet Harley.. Hehehe.. I Love All My Dear Friends Here.. I missed All Of You. Lol.. I am in a very good moo... Read More »