Where would be the best for web hosting and domain name services?

Answer I recommend one of these: http://www.top3hosts.comiPage has the best offer right now.Their standard price is $84/year ($6.95) but they havea 50% sale, one year of hosting for $42.00.Their plan incl... Read More »

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I want to register a domain to place information about my services on the web. It is necess to buy hosting etc?

For free hosting, I would suggest ATSPACE.COM. You can create a website for FREE up to 50MBs in size. I have two websites through them and the uptime is great. NO ADS, NO BANNERS. You'll need an ft... Read More »

How to Add a Virtual Domain to Hosting?

When browsing the Web in a Windows 7 environment, domain names are resolved using the DNS settings of the operating system. The DNS database is a list of domain names mapped to IP addresses. If the... Read More »

What is the best and cheap domain and web hosting ?

There are a lot of 'cheap' hosts out there but it's even cheaper if you go with an American host as they won't charge you 15% VAT (would of been cheaper anyway due to currencey rates). Most of the ... Read More »

Do I need Web hosting for domain parking?

Some domain registration companies will park a domain name for you without a hosting plan. They may not let you control the ads placed on the page and might take the money earned. Alternatively, so... Read More »