Where would be a good place for a group of 50ish people to din after a wedding on the strip?

Answer What is you budget? Did you want something on the Strip? Anywhere in Las Vegas? If you're talking about on the Strip, most wedding package at the resorts include a reception. I live in Las Vega... Read More »

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Where's a good place to take a group of people for lunch in North Beach, San Francisco?

Depends on the taste of the groupMy recommendations:Original JoesTony's Institute of PizzaRose PistolaThe Sinking Rose

Where is a good place to have a wedding reception in NYC?

Manhattan is pretty expensive. I don't know what they charge, but you can check out the Yale Club. They have many different sized party rooms. -Your best bet would prob... Read More »

I move to U.S. recently and want to have wedding dinner. Which place is good?

When cooking something for a group of it a good idea to improvise..?

I would probably not do that, you wanna enjoy the evening rather than be worrying how the food is gonna turn out :)