Where would a wireless headphone be used?

Answer the pros of using personal head phones are so people dont get head bugs from using someone eles headphones, and the cons are that the music goes stright to ur ear drum.the pros of using personal he... Read More »

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What is a wireless headphone?

Headphones that don't need to be plugged in. No wires = wireless

How do you install wireless headphone on LG TV? are your best bet otherwise

How do you put a battery in a wireless headphone for the car?

Headphones are only harmful in the case of hearing damage. They can be harmful when the music being played is too loud, and can cause permanent hearing damage since it sits inside the ear.

Wireless 3.5mm Headphone Jack?

I know those are excellent headphones. I've used them before. The problem with using your TV audio is the wattage is too low for good quality sound. I use wireless headphones but they're connected ... Read More »