Where would I obtain clear quartz?

Answer The only place I have managed to find raw clear quartz is eBay. Every other store online seems to have made it into a necklace or something.

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How to Clear the Energy in My Quartz Crystals?

Quartz crystals are used in many electrical applications due to their ability to transform one form of energy into another form. Their natural abundance, ability to amplify and respond to energy, a... Read More »

Can gold be found in clear quartz?

You can find veins of gold in clear quartz, but it is not something that occurs very often. If you believe you may have a piece of clear quartz with veins of gold inside, have it appraised, as it m... Read More »

Metaphysical Properties of Clear Quartz Hearts?

Crystals and other stones have been used as a source of healing in Eastern cultures for hundreds of years. It is believed they work with the body's seven energy centers, or chakras. Users note that... Read More »

Is tourmalated quartz the same as black rutilated quartz?

Tourmalated quartz is different from black rutilated quartz. When quartz is tourmalated, it means that spikes of the mineral tourmaline are throughout this slightly milky or clear variety. Rutilate... Read More »