Where would I be able to find the Royal Vista Electronic planner?

Answer Try ebay, craigslist or BestBuy

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Where can I find/what would this be called: Japanese electronic paddle w/yes & no buzzers?

I'm sure she can tell you what it's called, and she might know the maker's name. Or perhaps she knows of a well known store which sells them, so you could perhaps order one by mail.

How would you be able to take an electronic cigarette on the airplane without them confinscating it?

I agree with owen E, but i heard some airlines don't let you use them, but the in bathroom is a great idea.

Where would you be able to find the supposedly widely publicized photograph of Lucille Ball leaving the memorial service for Desi Arnaz?

Answer Property Insurance on the pictures and developing equipment. Assuming you are running a mechanical developing place, the negatives are the most important part. Insure the negative storage b... Read More »

How would you be able to find your sisters lost in adoption?