Why do NASA says that after five years in India glaciers will melt where as this year it has snowed very well?

Answer NASA has already discovered a new planet made out of water.

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I'm 33 yrs old and as of this month, it will be 2 years since I've had sex. can I be considered revirginized?

it is so nice to see a moral value i also waited long to find a lady that i loved and not just DESIRED but the answer to your question is NOas old chinese proverb sayvirginity is as a b... Read More »

Your daughter is 13 years old and was on ecmo as an infant She wants to be a cheerleader but they will be standing and jumping off of her neck is this safe?

Could be TB or mono, see your doctor.Its most likely a virus, laryngitis. But it could be strep. Doesn't sound like mono but you should get tested anyway, see your doctor asap.

If you're 16 years old and live in Alabama and your girlfriend is 15 years old and 7 months pregnant what are your legal options if your mother will not give consent for marriage but hers will?

Answer None. Alabama does have an early emancipation statute, Alabama Code Title 26-Chapter 13. However, it only applies to minors who are over the age of 18, as the age of majority for the state ... Read More »

You are in the Navy full active for 3 years your wife is divorcing you you will be paying child support for 4 children Will that affect your chances of reupping your contract after 3 years are up?

No. As long as your performance is good, you keep up with your child support obligations etc, and you otherwise meet the criteria for re-enlistment, you should be able to re-enlist.