Where can I find drivers to make a USB drive work in DOS Or will it work at all?

Answer go and look at best but or circut city, they should carry them.hope this helps.

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Will regular fluorescent bulbs work for grow lights?

Although they are not the best "grow lights," standard fluorescent bulbs produce a full spectrum of light that will satisfy the requirements of most plants. Fluorescents are best for plants with ve... Read More »

Will a condensed fluorescent bulb work as a grow light for garden?

Only if you buy a "full spectrum" of "grow light" type of compact bulb.

We can't get grass to grow on my father's grave, will this really work?

Botanically speaking, if there's nothing wrong with the soil, if the coffin is not made of/with toxic-to-plants substances (like walnut wood or some type of paint/finishing product), sod should wor... Read More »

Will i do drugs when i grow up?

No you will never do drugs, because you are very smart guy and people like you never do DRUGS!!!Congratulations!