Explain what happens when cps puts you in foster care like will you get to bring your clothes and stuff with you will I be able to see my older sister and will I get to keep in contact with friends?

Answer AnswerHoney, I'm sorry that you have to be in this situation. Don't worry you will be able to bring your clothes with you if your parents allow it. But if they don't CPS will get you clothes, and n... Read More »

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Will I be attractive when I'm older?

Yes - if you eat healthy, exercise, don't smoke and takes care of your body.We have to "grow into it". There are plenty of examples of stars who were no eye candy as young, but are seen as worlds b... Read More »

Will i need glasses when i am older?

no, it sounds like u gonna go blind soon, so blind people dont need glasses

Age Yourself SiteWhat will I look Like when Im Older?…THAT might work i didnt try it though

If you be healthy at a young age will you be good when your older?

It sure increases your chances!In sports, especially, eating smart and staying in great physical shape improves your play and more importantly keeps your risk of injury less. Big injuries are the ... Read More »