Where were the first fossils of antarctica found?

Answer The first fossils in Antarctica were found in the South Shetland Islands by James Eights. He was a member of the Palmer-Pendleton Expedition, also known as the Exploring Expedition of 1830. Eights... Read More »

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Fossils Found in Nebraska?

Nebraska has 93 counties. An article in the "Daily Nebraskan" says 90 of the counties have had fossils found in them. The article quotes George Corner, manager of vertebrate paleontology for the Mo... Read More »

Dinosaur Fossils Found in the U.S.A?

As wild and scary as it may be to imagine, dinosaurs of all types used to roam throughout the United States, with fossil findings such as the 5-foot-long ornithischian dinosaur on the East Coast, t... Read More »

Where can carnotaurus fossils be found?

The discovery of Carnotaurus (flesh eating bull) fossils occurs in only one place: Patagonia, Argentina. In fact, there has only been one set of Carnotaurus fossils found. However, that fossil was ... Read More »

Fossils Found in Iowa?

Fossils found in Le Grand and Burlington reveal that Iowa once was covered by a shallow sea that teemed with unusual creatures. Giant duck-billed dinosaur fossils discovered in Guthrie County give ... Read More »