Where was yogurt originally made?

Answer Yogurt, or Yoghurt, originated in Bulgaria circa 1500 B.C. Its "invention" was probably more of a happy accident when sheeps' milk in lambskin bags fermented because of the warmth of the bodies of ... Read More »

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Musicians have played guitar for hundreds of years, dating back to the Renaissance time period in Europe. Research shows its ancestry can be traced back even further. Throughout this time, the acou... Read More »

How was the vacuum cleaner originally made?

Answer The hose can be as long as needed. The plastic line for ice makers is heavy enough and carries so little pressure that it is not an issue. One of the reasons for copper is to keep mice fr... Read More »

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How is yogurt made?

Yogurt is a cultured milk drink that has been acidified. The low ph level prevents spoilage by retarding the growth of pathogens. Yogurt can be made from the milk of cows, sheep and goats by the ad... Read More »