What is the last movie you seen where you had to turn away?

Answer Greetings Logan, I recently saw a film called "Alive!"There was a scene of cannibalism, that was rather rude to see.

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What do you think Waldo from Where's Waldo uses as a form of transportation to get to all these places?

i think he uses an interdimensional time traveling portal

How to Spot Waldo in Every "Where's Waldo"?

Waldo is not a master of disguise, but he is a master of hiding. "Where's Waldo" books, featuring the title character in his adventures around the world, are made up of images of dense crowds. Wald... Read More »

What's a good place to get a waldo tattoo where no one would ever think to look?

it would be wierd to see a tattoo on like your finger pads....or on the ball of your foot...idk anything about tattoos so i dont really know! hmmm waldos funny though id play that with you lol

Which movie have you seen last?

I watched the movie Stay last night (Ewan McGregor and Ryan Gosling). A confusing psychological thriller, but very good.You have to pay a lot of attention though.