Where was the tenor drum invented?

Answer Tenor drums are a modernized evolution of a field drum, which was used in Europe during the late Middle Ages. In the 1830s, the tenor drum with no snares was introduced and became common in Europea... Read More »

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What is a tenor drum?

Marching bands are popular and effective at parades, as the sound made by the instruments carries well outdoors. The tenor drum, an important element in marching bands and drum corps, has been aro... Read More »

Marching Tenor Drum Tips?

Tenor drums play an important part of any marching band or drum corps. Tenor drums typically come in configurations of four to six drums, known as quads, quints and sextets. These combinations work... Read More »

Who invented the tenor saxophone?

Belgian musician Adolphe Sax is credited with inventing at least 14 versions of his patented instrument in the 1840s. Among these were two tenor models, one tuned in C and the other in B-flat. The ... Read More »

Who invented the drum&when?

The invention of the drum dates so far back that no one is credited with its invention. From the ancient Roman's adoption of African drums in 200 B.C. to the circulation of the Turk-made bass drum... Read More »