Where was the safety pin invented?

Answer In 1849, the safety pin was invented by Walter Hunt in New York. Earlier variations of safety pins, which did not have the safety clasp, originated in ancient Greece and Italy.Source:St. Joseph Cat... Read More »

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Who Invented the Safety Pin?

New Yorker Walter Hunt invented the safety pin, which he patented in 1849. Hunt also developed the first sewing machine, but he did not get a patent for it due to his concern about putting hand sew... Read More »

Who invented safety glass?

French chemist Edouard Benedictus accidentally invented safety glass in 1903 when he dropped a glass flask containing remnants of a cellulose nitrate mixture. The glass broke but the fragments rema... Read More »

Who invented the safety bicycle?

Englishman Henry J. Lawson patented the safety bicycle, or "Bicyclette," in 1879. The bicycle was rear-wheeled and chain-driven, with a much larger wheel on its front end than on its back.Source:Ji... Read More »

Who invented the safety alarm?

The first automatic safety alarm was the electric fire alarm, invented and patented in 1890 by Francis Robbins Upton. The inventor was a colleague of Thomas Edison, although the two scientists most... Read More »