Where was the lie detector made?

Answer The first polygraph--or lie detector--machine was built in 1921 in Berkeley, California. John A. Larson was a medical student who also worked for the police department when he fashioned the earlies... Read More »

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Who made the motion detector?

Motion detectors are any contraptions, including a line of string, that signal the presence of motion by moving or responding. Léon Theremin, a Russian inventor, was the first person to develop th... Read More »

When was the first lie detector made?

The first modern lie detector was fashioned in 1921 by John Larson, a forensic scientist working for the Berkeley Police Department. Known as a polygraph, it recorded a person's blood pressure, pul... Read More »

How to Install a Smoke Detector or Carbon Monoxide Detector?

It's an overused saying - better safe than sorry. Most fire deaths occur in homes lacking smoke detectors.[1] To protect your loved ones, it is imperative that you install smoke and carbon monoxide... Read More »

Where do you put a CO2 detector?

The best location for carbon monoxide detectors (CO2 detectors) is in or as near as possible to a sleeping area. The purpose of CO2 detectors is to alert sleeping individuals if there are CO2 emiss... Read More »