How to Observe and Report a Bigfoot Sighting?

Answer Could it be...?You're outdoors, or in your house, usually in a rural area. You smell a horrible odor or hear an odd noise. You step outside and see a thing that you think may be a bear, until it st... Read More »

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How to Report a UFO Sighting?

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are of unknown origin and lack identification. The following article will give tips on how to document and report the sighting of a UFO.

What is a sighting in a rifle?

A sighting in a rifle is an essential tool in properly using the gun. It allows the individual to properly spot and track a target. Without it, a gun is an inaccurate and ineffective tool.FunctionA... Read More »

What is parallax or sighting errors?

while doing experiments the analog readings should be taken very carefully ..the pointer should be in a parallel axis with your eyes so that the reading will not deviate from right one.otherwise er... Read More »

What is a bore sighting device?

A bore-sighter is a device that is attached to the end of a rifle barrel (or, in some cases, inserted into the rifle's chamber) that allows the shooter to line up the rifle scope parallel with the ... Read More »