Where was the iPod first used?

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Give detail why head phones where invented and where it used first time?

My understanding is that when you plug your headphones into the computer and try to play a song on iTunes, the sound does not work. The first fix to try is to make sure the headphones actually con... Read More »

Where was the first iPod invented?

The first Apple iPod was invented at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California. Its development is credited to Jon Rubenstein. The iPod was first introduced to the public in October of 2001.R... Read More »

Where in the world was the first iPod made?

The iPod, a product of Apple, is manufactured in Taiwan by a company called Foxconn. Foxconn also outsources to China, Malaysia, Thailand, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Singapore and the Philipp... Read More »

Where the first generator was used?

The very first generator was used on August, 29th, 1831 in London, UK, by Michael Faraday. The generator, which Farday described as an electromagnetic induction, was his very first great discovery.... Read More »