Where was the hanoi hilton?

Answer The Hanoi Hilton is located in the city of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. It was the nickname of the Hoa Lo prison, built by the French in 1901 but used for American prisoners during the Vietnam Wa... Read More »

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Who do you think is prettyer Nicky Hilton or Paris Hilton?

Who would you rather hang out with for 1 day, Paris Hilton or Nicky Hilton?

How to Cross the Road in Hanoi?

crossing the roadHanoi is the second biggest city in Vietnam, when you visit Hanoi especially in the old quarter the road is full with motor bikes and cars, the sidewalk is very narrow and the sell... Read More »

How to Rent a Property in Hanoi, Vietnam?

If you are planning an extended stay in Hanoi, instead of renting a hotel room, you may be interested in renting property. Living in an apartment, house or villa can be a home away from home.