Where was the game Monopoly first sold?

Answer The board game Monopoly was first sold in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was copyrighted by Charles Darrow in 1933, and the first reported sales occurred at Wanamaker's department store, one of the... Read More »

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How many Monopoly games have been sold worldwide?

Since its release in 1935, more than 200 million Monopoly board games have been sold worldwide, making it the best-selling board game in history, according to Hasbro, the company that sells the gam... Read More »

Where were the first cell phones sold?

A representative of Motorola placed the first cellular phone call in America was placed in 1973. It wasn't until 1977, however, that cell phones became available to the public in the United States,... Read More »

Where was the world's first vacuum cleaner sold?

because it have noise it is disadvantage and it cleans the room this is advantage

How many iPhone 4S where sold in the first year of its launch?

PS3 is a game console and home entertainment device and is nothing like an iPad2 or any other iPad.