Where was the first remote controlled car made?

Answer The first remote control car was built in 1966 by an Italian company called Elettronica Giocattoli. The car was a Ferrari 250 LM that was built to 1:12 scale. A British company called Madave came o... Read More »

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Who made the remote controlled boat?

Nikola Tesla November 8th 1898 He also created the radio many people don't know this because Guglielmo Marconi claimed to have made it

What is the remote code for a harman Kardon AVR-300 To allow it to be controlled by a Dish network remote?

You can go to to find channels and programming of shows you would like to view. In the upper right hand corner of the page select Check TV Schedule. On the next screen, select y... Read More »

Can you build a new remote for a remote-controlled car you bought?

sure-you just need the frequency the car is on, which is on the crystal inside the car; it will look something like "100.0017."

How big is the remote controlled car?

The biggest remote controlled car size depends on what kind you want but they are almost the same as normal cars except they are not controlled from inside. It is easy to put a remote controlled ma... Read More »