Where was the first presidential primary held?

Answer The American primary election system was initially adopted at the state level, in 1899 by Minnesota. In 1901 the first presidential primary was held in Florida. As of 2004, only four states do not ... Read More »

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When is a presidential primary election held?

According to, while the presidential general election occurs every four years on the first Tuesday in November, the presidential primary election varies from state to state. The StateLi... Read More »

How often are French presidential elections held?

French presidential elections are held every five years, and there is no term limit. Before a 2000 referendum, the term of office was seven years. The last two presidential elections were held in... Read More »

How often are presidential elections held in France?

Presidential elections are held in France every five years in a two-step process. All voters participate in the first stage of voting, but if no candidate receives a majority of the votes, the cand... Read More »

How many presidential elections has the United States held?

As of 2010, 56 presidential elections have taken place in U.S. history. Since George Washington won the first election in 1789, the United States has had 44 presidents, including Barack Obama, who ... Read More »