Where was the first fossil found?

Answer The first documented fossil was in England in 1676. Reverend Plot discovered a massive thigh bone (femur) thought to belong to a "giant," but experts proposed that it was from a dinosaur. A publish... Read More »

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When was the first fossil of prokaryotes found?

The first prokaryote fossils were found in 1914 by C.D. Walcott. Found in colonies called stromatolites, these bacteria are the oldest known fossils at 3.5 billion years. Formerly thought to be ext... Read More »

What was the first dinosaur fossil found?

Found in 1819 by William Buckland in Stonsfield, England, the Megalosaurus Bucklandii is the first documented dinosaur fossil, a portion of the dinosaurs dentry, or "material including teeth and po... Read More »

Where was the basilosaurus fossil found?

The first Basilosaurus fossils were found in Louisiana. Another species was found soon after in the Fayum deposits of Egypt. These animals used to live in warm shallow seas. There have been no find... Read More »

What is the largest fossil ever found?

The fossil of a giant "sea monster," found in 2006 in Norway, is the largest fossil of its kind. The animal measured more than 50 feet long and had a mouth large enough to bite a car. This fossil s... Read More »