Where was the first electric car built?

Answer Robert Anderson of Scotland invented the first electric vehicle, according to PBS. It used a non-rechargeable battery and was created somewhere between 1832 and 1839. PBS also names Thomas Davenpor... Read More »

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How is an electric guitar built?

Electric guitars were first introduced to society in the late 1950s. Since that time, the technology for producing electric guitars has come a long way, from hand-carved bodies to the computer cont... Read More »

Who built the first ENIAC all electric computer?

The Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, or ENIAC, was built by John Mauchly and John Presper Eckert Jr. of the University of Pennsylvania. The computer was built as a secret project for t... Read More »

What insurance company will insure a home built in 1925 in Florida without the updates for electric plumbing and roof done?

Insurance for older homes You may not find a company willing to provide all-risk coverage or replacement cost coverage. You should be able to buy a named-peril, ACV (pays depreciated value due to a... Read More »

Looking for a camcorder with built-in projector and built-in memory. Any suggestions?

Before deciding on anything, browse the various options you have and look for the features that you will be getting for different models of camcorders. You should buy that one which meets your budg... Read More »